MAC Grade Enhancement Designations for United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

GE – GRADE ENHANCEMENTSThis refers to valuing a coin by taking into consideration features that may not have been considered previously.
For example, in the 1953 mintage, a tiny fraction of the Jefferson nickels has full steps, due to poor die quality that year. The clear majority of the 1953-S Franklin Half Dollars have no Bell Lines and sell for around $80 in MS-65. A 1953-S FBL Franklin Half Dollar in PCGS MS-65 sells for $16,000.00 over 200 times the NON-FBL. However, there are a few 1953-S Franklin Half Dollars that have 90% Full Bell Lines, and those should be designated as such and valued accordingly or about 30% of the Full Bell Lines coin.